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Meet Our People

Ji Zhou

Senior Software Developer | Software
Blackline Safety Corp., Canada

Blackline continually develops new ideas and new technology. I get to work on a new project every couple of months, and, as we continue to grow our capabilities, the software team keeps getting new, fresh, brilliant young members. As someone who’s been at the company for over a decade, it’s very exciting.”

Jasmine Bonds

Client Implementation Coordinator | Client Implementations
Blackline Safety Europe, UK

“Once I started here, I can honestly say I've never been as satisfied in a role as I am now, and I think a lot of comes down to being challenged and actually feeling like I have a purpose with what I'm doing. It means a lot when you’re literally shaking a person's hand who you want to keep safe and you realize the impact of your role and what you're doing.”

Amrit Ubhi

Corporate Financial Analyst | Finance
Blackline Safety Corp., Canada

“Blackline has experienced fast-paced growth allowing for a very engaging workplace environment. It’s nice to be part of an organization that is purpose-driven and focused on helping people get home safely with constant new releases of innovative technology. It’s refreshing to have experienced so much growth as an organization while focusing on maintaining a tight-knit team environment where everyone is willing to lend a hand and work together to get the job done!”

Vimal Palanisamy

Marketing Automation Manager | Marketing
Blackline Safety Corp., Canada

“Blackline opened the door and paved the way to showcase my skills and expertise. My team has provided me with a space to evolve, and the guidance and complete accountability on the projects, which I always dreamed about. With ample opportunities around, I can foresee my career success in-line with Blackline's growth. Proud and glad to be part of Blackline Safety.”

Eric Palmiere

Director, Business & Information Technology | BIT
Blackline Safety Corp., Canada

"Working at Blackline Safety is a rewarding experience. The company's commitment to innovation and safety is inspiring, and I take pride in contributing to such a purpose-driven environment. The collaborative culture and meaningful work make it a place I truly enjoy being a part of."

Holly Allen

Regional Sales Manager | Sales
Blackline Safety USA Corp., USA

“I have been in Industrial Sales for 20 years, joining Blackline Safety was the best decision I could have ever made. To work for a company that offers top notch training and a culture that is a positive environment, why would one not want to be a part of this amazing team? The support given at all levels is unbelievable, which gives me comfort knowing I can reach out to anyone to assist me in my efforts to grow Blackline Safety’s business.”

Teams at Blackline

Collaborate, Create, Grow.

Our team has grown remarkably in the last few years, and we are proud of the passion our people bring to saving lives and partnering with our customers. With our meaningful work, diverse and inclusive culture, and results- driven work environment, we are an employer of choice for all kinds of engaged and highly talented people.

Meet Our Teams

Analytic Operations

Our Analytic Operations team analyzes endless data points with a bird's eye view that can identify safety trends and productivity insights for customers.


As a technology company, we work in an environment that fosters agility and continuous improvement.

Product & Experience

Our dedicated User Experience team genuinely cares about how customers engage with every aspect of our products and services, constantly evolving and refining our solutions to be as effective as possible.


The technology team supports the operations ensuring our network and equipment run without interruption, and are at the forefront of our SOC2 compliance.


With a global viewpoint, the Marketing team works to attract audiences to our products and services through high-quality messaging and content, with the goal of demonstrating product value and strengthening brand loyalty.

Firmware & Hardware

With a focus on efficiency, these teams drive instructions for our products, and allow no wasted space in our circuit board design.


The global sales team at Blackline is responsible for managing distribution partners and delivering revenue growth. They identify and create new business opportunities to achieve sales and profit targets.

Operations & Finance

We focus on lean manufacturing principles and intelligent corporate governance. These teams drive process, compliance, and strategy for the organization.

People Services

People and their potential are at the heart of our business - both in our mission to protect and save lives and in our day-to-day business operations.

Find your purpose at Blackline